Style, sell or reorganise your home beautifully

Property Styling, Plus

Redesign your interior space at a price you can afford.

Whether you are ready to:

  • use interior decoration that suits your budget and lifestyle to create an amazing first impression and have the home everyone wants
  • sell and want to impress buyers at open inspections—without the hassle and cost of hiring furniture
  • reinvent your home for your own enjoyment
  • declutter and get organised...

Presentation Plus Can Help

Together, we create a theme based on what you love. Your living areas can then be reworked using options including styling, furniture, accents and more.

Tricks of the Trade

Work with what you have. Rethinking how you use what you already own can often make a huge difference. Using a variety of helpful tools, your home will soon be looking better than ever.

Your Budget is Important

Get the results you want in a cost effective manner — some of the best solutions are free! By following a few proven strategies you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

Interior Decoration for Yourself?

Small, inexpensive changes can make a big impact. Find out why


Need some secrets for a successful sale? Find out more


Leading a clutter free life is easy. Find out how

Just Need Ideas?

Why not find an Inspiration that's easy to fix, get in touch for a one hour chat—it's free!


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