Big Changes ... Little Cost

It's the Little Things

Inspections are an integral part of the sale of your home. Inspections are quick and you need to make a big impact in a very short time. Here are some good ideas for maximum impact.


Pay particular attention to the view of your house from the street and on the walk up to your front door. Shoes, junk mail, bikes, rubbish bins all detract from the first impression. What you take away is often as important as what you leave behind!

Light Up

Turn on every light. This will make your home brighter and more appealing Open lots of windows, too. Fresh air has positive psychological effects.

It's All About the Details

Make sure the oven is clean—buyers will be looking everywhere, including the oven and inside the cupboards. Empty your dishwasher, your laundry baskets; the trick is to make yourself invisible. HINT: Put your washing and ironing baskets in the car!

Pets, whilst lovable, should not be at home. Kitty litter, half chewed toys and other miscellaneous items should also be removed. In addition, smells, often created by pets, should be dealt with. Lavender, citrus and jasmine are all scents which can offset pet smells. Essential oils also promote feelings of peace and relaxation, so dab some on the light globes (when they are cold!), to create a wonderful, welcoming aroma during inspections.

Put kitchen appliances away and empty the dirty clothes basket. A good idea is to put dirty clothes in the car while the house is open. Buyers do not want to see any evidence of life. Dirty clothes, dirty plates and too many cleaning products tell them psychologically that this house is hard work.

Colour on the Bench

A bowl of lemons or limes on the kitchen bench is a lovely focus and a cost effective alternative to flowers, which lasts for several weeks. Keep the vessel neutral in colour. Gerbera flowers from the supermarket are also long lasting, cheap and look fabulous. Buy some florist's wire and do it yourself for a fraction of the price by following these instructions.

Roll Up

Change your toilet rolls from half used to new. It sounds strange, but it will absolutely help create a positive impression in your bathroom—one of the key areas of selling.

Getting in Your Groove

Once you get in the swing of things, keeping your home ready for inspections is easy. By putting things away as you use them and keeping on top of the little jobs, the task will be broken into manageable chunks. You might even want to make a To Do list, so you can tick off the things you need to do each time to be inspection ready.

Pets and young children can complicate the process, but a clean space (for a short time!) is still possible. Google
"keeping house tidy with a toddler" for some great ideas.


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