Order Out of Chaos

There are times when sorting out the mess at home is very daunting. Stressful jobs, children, older parents, studying ... getting organised can be a hassle. Luckily, there are short cuts to help.

We all have a level of comfort for our surroundings and have different standards for what is acceptable and what isn't. Often, these different standards can cause friction between household members.

The trick is to find a system (or systems!) that work for everyone. By taking the time to organise strategies which are easy to incorporate, in line with your standards and get the entire household on board; the results will be long term.


Sorting to Sell

Whilst sorting and getting organised is a fabulous goal, there is one time when every single item needs a designated place, every room must be clutter free and opening cupboard doors does not lead to an avalanche. That time is selling!

Potential buyers need to know if the house is a good fit for their lifestyle. Second and even third inspections are very thorough and often involve checking every nook and cranny. Evaluating the available space and imagining how their life will work in your home is often a critical component of the selling process.

Clear Your Head

Whether for your own benefit or to maximise your sale price, getting organised is an important task, however it need not be stressful. A thorough clean out allows new strategies to be put in place, can be inspiring and lets you see what is possible.

Why not get in touch and find out how Presentation Plus can help you rediscover the potential of your home?

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