What Do Other People See?

Our homes are our sanctuary, the place where we can feel relaxed and peaceful. However, we sometimes get so comfortable that we don't even see the potential of our space. Property Styling is not only about selling. When it's designed to fit your budget and lifestyle, the positive impact on your surroundings is significant.

Our environment is a sign of who we are. When people walk into your home, they can tell a lot about you by looking at key items in each room. Are the rooms relaxed or super neat, are the colours muted or loud, do ornaments take up every flat surface?

What are You Missing?

Sometimes, our sense of style gets lost along the way, or life just gets so busy that even doing the basic jobs is challenging enough. For others, trying to set up a house stylishly is an impossible task. Some are just not interested, even though they know they would love to live in a beautiful space.

It is difficult to see something as someone else does when you live there. Often we miss parts which are obvious to others, perhaps it's been years since you have thought about your surroundings! Why not take a camera and walk through taking photos of your home just as it is. You will be surprised what you see when you use this different perspective!

Room Colours

Does the rug work with the paint and the cushions? What about the colours in adjoining rooms. Is art work a feature or just something to cover some marks on the wall? Colours can have strong psychological effects on those who live there (and also those looking to buy) so it's important that it all works together.

Furniture and Accessories

Rooms work well when items on display, soft furnishings and surface treatments are harmonious and in proportion. There are many ways to achieve harmony in a room with just a few small changes and it is often more about what is taken out, than what is added, which leads to...

Wall Treatments

How up to date are the wall colours and other wall and ceiling treatments like wallpaper, mirrors, light fittings? Do the things in the room look great together or is there room for improvement?

Find out more about using the right colours for your room by having a Colour Consultation.

Get in touch for a colour consultation and find out how easy it is to give new life to your walls.

Less is More

How many things can you see? Should some have been removed long ago? Is it time to relocate / remove them? Can you be ruthless and remove some of the items that you no longer need? The clear-out effect is energising and may inspire you to do more! Even better, your junk can be someone else's treasure.

It might even be time to declutter.

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